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Strive to be an Internationally Renowned Integrated Service Provider of Power Energy

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Fujian Yongfu Power Engineering Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as”Yongfu”, Stock Code: 300712) was founded in 1994 with RMB 184.10 million as the registered capital, and is accredited with Grade-A certificates and qualifications for power industry, engineering survey, and AAA credit for power, construction, communication, investigation in consulting industry, etc.

Yongfu is a national hi-tech corporate fully focused on technique innovation, providing survey and design services in China, and a leading enterprise specializing in the construction/building industry in Fujian province. Yongfu is dedicated to providing domestic and foreign clients with a complete range of services in planning, consultation, survey and design for electrical power projects as well as whole-process management services for EPC projects, covering nuclear power plants, large gas power plants, UHV power transmission and distribution projects. Our business is present in over 20 provinces in China and a dozen of foreign countries in Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

Yongfu’s governance advantages encompasses all company functions and activities by enabling reliable and streamlined corporate organization, efficient decision making, quick response and excellent services. Team capacity building and training are highly focused at all times. Through “option incentive scheme” that allows backbone employees to have stocks, more and more leading talents in China and abroad have joined us. Nowadays, Yongfu has developed a team comprising of highly experienced and competent management, technical and sales staff.

Following the latest trend of the global energy landscape and China’s  new energy strategies, Yongfu constantly explores in technique innovation of the new frontier development of power sectors, and has  independently or jointly developed more than 80 patents and a number of software copyrights, and has established offshore wind power R&D center, smart energy R&D center, digital technology R&D center, etc.

We always stick to our mission to make electrical power cleaner and smarter. In keeping with customer first, innovation, win-win Cooperation as core values, Yongfu will actively participate in China’s Belt and Road Initiative and Go Out Strategies, and is aiming to be an internationally renowned integrated service provider of power energy, offering clients and society with greater values.

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