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Strive to be an Internationally Renowned Integrated Service Provider of Power Energy

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Fujian Yongfu Power Engineering Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as“Yongfu”, Stock Code 300712) was founded in 1994 with registered capital amounting to RMB 182.104 million. As a national innovative hi-tech corporate and market leader in engineering and construction industry in Fujian province, Yongfu is accredited with Grade-A certificates and qualifications for power engineering, geotechnical investigation & survey, and AAA credits in engineering consulting for power, construction, communication, investigation & survey, etc.

As the only one private-owned company listed on China’s A-share stock exchange that focusing on investigation and engineering in power industry, Yongfu provides a wide range of services covering whole power industrial chain from planning and consulting, investigation, survey and engineering, construction, investment, operation, maintenance and management for energy and power projects. Nearly 1000 employees comprising of highly experienced management, technical and sales teams with broad professional background provide service in the markets that are present in over 20 provinces across China and a dozen of foreign countries in Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Africa along the “one belt one road” route.

Our mission is to make power cleaner and smarter. Client satisfaction is our top priority and we focus on innovation and win-win cooperation, which is our core value. We are dedicated to providing our clients in China and abroad with full life cycle services, superb smart energy solutions and integrated energy service for power projects with the development of overseas market, offshore wind power, integrated energy and smarter energy” as top priority. Yongu strives to be an internationally renowned power & energy integrated service provider.

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