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Yongfu keeps exploiting and innovating in the new field of power development, and has established the offshore wind power R&D center, smart grid R&D center, digital technology R&D center, etc.

Offshore Wind Power R&D

Yongfu has constantly developed key technologies, intelligence and digitization research for offshore wind power and has actively participated in the preparation of offshore wind power industry tandards and provincial standards. So far, Yongfu has obtained more than 20 offshore wind power patents and owned the core proprietary technology applied in offshore wind power development.

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Digital Technology R&D

We track, analyze, and research the development trend of smart energy technologies, including but not limited to R&D, innovation and popularization of new power technologies such as multiple energy utilization, energy storage, smart grid, micro-grid, smart charging station, smart electricity, and energy big data, etc. 


Smart Grid R&D

With the goal to realize the application of the full-service, all-discipline, whole-process digital 3D collaborative design and engineering digital products in the life-cycle management, Yongfu aims to study and promote the new technology integrating engineering design and digitalized design.


Yongfu constantly increases investment on technological innovation and R&D inputs and has independently or jointly developed more than 90 patents and a number of software copyrights, which is the big part of why we have innovation advantages.


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