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Jiuquan-Hunan ±800kV UHVDC power transmission project wins national gold medal

Yongfu adheres to the spirit of “Pursuing Excellence and Making Classic”. As the designer of Jiuquan-Hunan ±800kV UHVDC Power Transmission Project (the Project), Yongfu’s design team worked hard for over 1,000 days and nights to deliver innovative and excellent services in cooperation with other participants, jointly completed the high-quality national project.

The Project origins from Guazhou County of Jiuquan, with the route passing through five provinces (i.e. Gansu, Shanxi, Chongqing, Hubei and Hunan), ends in Xiangtan County, Xiangtan City, Hunan Province, with a total length of 2,383  kilometers. As a national strategical West-East power transmission project and a key part of Five AC power transmission projects and Eight DC power transmission projects, Thethe Project evacuates power from the western China to Hunan province, promotes large-scale development, evacuation and optimal distribution of wind power and photovoltaic power in Gansu, and ensures reliable power supply from Gansu to Hunan.

After completion, the Project could supply 40,000 GWh power to Hunan per year, accounting for 25% annual power demand in Hunan, equaling to power generated by 8 large scale thermal power plants (GW-class). It could save 18 million tons of standard coal, reduce 160,000 tons of pollutants including sulfur dioxide and nitric oxides per year. The Project could drive the transformation of national energy structure and promote regional economy and social development.

Yongfu undertakes the engineering work of Package 4 out of the 22 packages of  the Project. This package includes route length of 126.955 km and 252 tower foundations. All volumes of documents are prepared in high quality and delivered on time. The excellent service offered by resident engineers laid a firm ground for the success of the project construction.

The honor and recognition is an impetus for Yongfu to move forward. Through constant research and practice, Yongfu will keep on improving the design standard with design innovation and strive to breakthrough from technical mastery to technical leader leader, enhance the market share and influence in the UHV power transmission industry, and make Yongfu a well-known brand.

In February 2019, Yongfu won the National Gold Medal of Year 2018-2019  for High Quality Engineering for Jiuquan-Hunan ±800kV UHVDC power transmission  project.