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Ribbon-cutting ceremony held for 16MW PV Power Station in Valenzuela, Philippines

On May 31, ribbon-cutting ceremony was held for the completion of 16MW PV Power Station in Valenzuela, Philippines. Yongfu is one of major players who provided design, procurement and construction management services. Lin Yiwen, Chairman and General Manager of Yongfu, Qian Youwu, Deputy General Manager, attended the ceremony together with Rex Gatchalian, Mayor of  Valenzuela, members of the House of Representatives, politicians, business partners and all the members of the Owner company, Ecopark Energy of Valenzuela Corp.


The ceremony features blessing ritual, playing anthem, project video presentation and address of the Mayor. On behalf of the municipal government, the Mayor of Valenzuela expressed his appreciation in his speech for all contributions made by the Owner, and all parties involved in the construction of the project. After the ceremony, Lin Yiwen held talks with local officer and business partners, visited the central control building of the power station and debriefed by the resident engineer on the details of the project construction.  

The 16MW PV Power Station as the second grid-connected PV Power Station built in Valenzuela, Philippines, has annual energy generation of 21.6Gwh, with adoption of standards in line with local requirements on the project management, construction criteria and design specifications. The project will supply sufficient and clean energy for Valenzuela city greatly improve the local electricity utilization and bring benefit to the local residents.


To build an excellent project for the Belt and Road Initiative, Yongfu project team has offered consolidated coordination with the Owner’s team, all parties involved, and overcome tremendous difficulties. The resident management personnel and engineer who has worked for up to 839 days and provided high quality service has made an exemplary solar PV project in the Philippines and pave a solid foundation for Yongfu to expand market in renewable energy in the Philippines in the coming years.

Lin Yiwen and Qian Youwu extended cordial greetings to the resident engineers and staff, praised for their contributions to the project, debriefed by them about their work and life and in the meantime kindly requested that continued efforts be made for the subsequent activities with high criteria and high quality to ensure safe and reliable commercial operation with Yongfu’s good reputation and strength.

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