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48 MW wind power project witnesses online operation

On May 12, the Jigongdong 48 MW wind power project, built in Ninghua, Fujian, China, was put into commercial operation. The Owner of the project is China Huadian Corporation Ltd. and Yongfu is design contractor.  

As one of the key projects in Fujian province and the first wind power project built in Sanming, this project is also China Huadian’s key project that is designed for power supply and poverty alleviation. The project consisting of 24 sets of 2MW wind turbines is located in Ninghua County that borders Fujian and Jiangxi, with annual power generation of 100 GWh and the total cost of RMB 420 million yuan.


The annual revenue of the project is about RMB 66.9 million yuan with an industrial added value of about RMB 38 million yuan and tax contribution of RMB 12 million yuan. The project is reduced production of 35,900 ton standard coal, which has benefited socio-economy and environmental protection. The project will also contribute to optimization of local energy mix, enhancement of the local economic development and alleviation of impoverishment of local populations.  

The project site is geographically isolated with complicated topographical conditions and harsh natural conditions. The designers have provided high quality services and optimal design, with excellent professional quality and outstanding technical level and they are in close cooperation with the Owner and all the contractors involved. The site technical support was strengthened  during the construction period, which has fully ensured the successful grid connection and commercial operation. The design quality and follow-up service have been highly praised by the Owner.

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