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Power Generation

We provide consulting, investigation, design and EPC services for coal-fired plants, and gas-fired plants, and distributed energy projects. In the field of gas-fired power generation and distributed energy, Yongfu’s core competence covers design of various types of gas turbine generators, gas turbine pedestal, gas turbine BOP standardization design, application and conversion of related international standard. As one of the few players in China, Yongfu provides design services for major gas turbine models supplied by GE, SIEMENS, MHI and ANSALDO and investigation and design services for conventional island of nuclear power projects.

We provide consulting, investigation, design, and EPC services for wind power, solar power and biomass power projects. We also provide full range of design services for offshore and onshore wind power farms (including substation and centralized control system), and multiple-energy projects.

We provide fully digitalized design and handover services.

Related project performance
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